Tactics in Twenty: May Event Recap

Tactics in Twenty, May 2015

All the acronyms! All the buzzwords! Lots of experts talk a big game when it comes to things like SEO, SEM, PPC, content strategy, marketing automation, big data and more. But what does it all mean? How do all of these data-driven, technical marketing practices fit together? And how do we plan, prioritize and execute against the most opportunistic tactics for our organization? Thats where Tactics in Twenty come in – the first of two events well host this year where three speakers give twenty minute knowledge bombs and tangible takeaways.

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Digital Marketing Buzzwords: The Enemy of Long-Term Strategy

Guest Blogger Chris Todd, Marketing Strategist at Spyder Trap

Marketing Buzzwords

Every industry has its share of buzzwords and acronyms, but it seems like digital marketing lingo takes the cake. SEO, PPC, SEM, big data, etc. — the industry speak is enough to make your head spin. And while buzzwords and acronyms aren’t inherently evil, they can be gateway drugs to harmful practices. Once a process gets labeled, it inevitably leads to people searching for shortcuts and tricks to get ahead of the pack, and MIMA is going to help you do just that during our next event on  Tactics in Twenty: Data + Tech.

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The Simple & Powerful Solution to Design with Confidence

Kelly Canavan and Fred ArsenaultWe sat down with Kelly Canavan, the market development manager, and Fred Arsenault, technology development manager, at 3M Visual Attention Technologies & Applications, to talk design, visual priorities, and the tools that help those processes succeed for this month’s sponsored blog post.

After all, you only have seconds to get your customers’ attention, so you’d better make sure your most important content stands out. That’s why many designers and marketers turn to 3M℠ Visual Attention Software (VAS), a tool that helps increase confidence in a design or marketing idea.

Here’s what we learned about VAS and how it helps designers and marketers alike.
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April Event Recap: Reimagining the Future of Advertising with the Google Art, Copy & Code Team

Reimagining the Future of Advertising

Nobody knows what advertising is going to be in 5 years. After all, it’s impossible to predict the future. Vikram Tank with the Google Art, Copy & Code team, however, knows how to use trending data to try and solve what will happen in the next 3-6 months. We were fortunate enough at this month’s event to get insight into what the folks at the Google Art, Copy & Code team have already accomplished in changing the advertising game, and what we can continue to see in the months (and maybe even years) ahead.

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Reimagining the Future of Advertising

Example from Google's Art, Copy & Code team's EA Sports gif campaign.

Example from Google’s Art, Copy & Code team’s EA Sports gif campaign.

What does the future of advertising look like? Thats a great question, and one we hope to get a closer answer to in this week’s MIMA event featuring Google’s brand lead, Vikram Tank. We all want to be ready for a future of advertising that may look drastically different than what it appears to be today. We all want our brands to be relevant, agencies to succeed, and to be a part of the conversation. But what does that mean for us in todays advertising landscape? And what does it mean for us in tomorrows?

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March Event Recap: Brand Storytelling in a Digital World

Alix Hart

Conveying a brand story to our audience in a relatable way is something us marketers strive to achieve every day. Alix Hart, acting CMO at Symantec, takes this a step above and beyond with what she calls “momentum marketing.” For our March event, we had the opportunity to learn from Alix as she presented best practices and real examples of momentum marketing to a full crowd of eager MIMA attendees.

Here are a few key points of what we learned.

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4 Tips to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Author: Lyndsey Danberry, MIMA member and volunteer

2014 MIMA Summit

One of the biggest challenges for content marketers is effectively conveying a brand story. Most stories tend to focus too much on the company and not enough on its customers. But the truth is, the only messages your audience will see, hear and engage with are those they choose to listen to and talk about. Follow these 4 tips to effectively tell your brand’s story.
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