The Other Side of Cecil


Author:  David Krejci, Weber Shandwick

The-Other-Side-of-Cecil (1)

Illustration by Gerardo Obieta, Sr. Designer at Weber Shandwick

Another social meme has come and gone where millions of us discussed—but far fewer acted upon—a behavior many regarded as wrong: killing a lion for kicks. Thanks to the sacrifice of Cecil, many were allowed to illustrate to friends, family and colleagues how upstanding they are by eviscerating a reprehensible hunter cum dentist online, exhaling a collective and secular amen across the congregation of their social spheres.

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September Event Recap: We Are All Digital Startups Now

GoKart Labs Digital Startups

We can’t give you a taste of the delicious donuts that were served at this month’s event, but we can give you a taste of the content that was presented and fill you in on the juicy details. So if you missed this month’s event, “We Are All Digital Startups Now,” or if you just want to revisit the topic, look no further. Here are the main key points from the presentation.

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Top 5 Reasons you Won’t Want to Miss the 2015 MIMA Summit!

Sept 4

Why should you attend the 2015 MIMA Summit: The Disruptors?

It’s time to embrace the unknown. It’s time to challenge existing conventions. It’s time to stop simply dreaming of smarter ways of doing business and actually start making those dreams happen. How do we do that? By attending this year MIMA Summit – the Disrupters!

Here are the top 5 reasons to attend this year’s MIMA Summit.

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3 Ways to Build Organizational Innovation


Innovation seems to be a buzzword that just will not go away. But in reality, it’s a critical concept that all businesses – no matter the size – need to grasp in order to survive.

As industries and business landscapes continue to evolve in a rapid-fire pace, many organizations struggle to keep up. Hierarchies and lack of idea sharing leads to stagnant ideation. Every member of your team should be involved in innovation – it’s just a matter of building and maintaining a culture of idea sharing even through continued business growth. Luckily, large companies like Google and Apple prove that it is possible to continually push the envelope and lay the foundation for innovation. Whether you’re in a company of 5 or 5000, here are 3 actionable ways to keep the innovation energy alive!

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August Event Recap: Predictive Marketing


Couldn’t make the MIMA event last week on Predictive Marketing?

Have no fears, the recap is here!

If you didn’t make it to the MIMA event last week at the Microsoft Technology Center, not only did you miss a sneak peek into Microsoft’s newest innovations in customer experience and interaction, you also missed an incredible presentation by CMO of Lead Enterprise Marketing of Microsoft, Jeff Marcoux.  But, have no fear, we’ve got the recap and five major take-aways that you’ll want to write down and start implementing in your market.

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July Event Recap: Conversations About The Future Of Advertising

Conversations about the Future of Advertising

It was a packed house at the Fine Line Cafe as MIMA members eagerly awaited the reigniting of CATFOA (i.e., Conversations About the Future of Advertising). This cafe Q&A between Rick Webb, venture partner at Quotidian Ventures, and Tim Brunelle, former MIMA president, was particularly riveting, talking about the business of ideas, starting up/founding an agency, and all things related to managing an independent agency — a topic, as it turned out, that many MIMA-goers related to.

Here are the key takeaways and best sound-bytes from this month’s event.

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The Future of Advertising in the Digital Age

How do Agencies Impact how we Stay Ahead of the Curve?

This article is written by MIMA Volunteer, Lyndsey Danberry

2014 MIMA Summit

The future of advertising today is all about agility and flexibility.  It sits at the intersection of technology and consumer behavior.  The hurdle that we, as marketers, face is staying ahead of the curve. Fortunately, there are agencies all over the US (with over 25 in the Twin Cities alone) whose goal is to strategically guide their clients through trends, help them stay ahead of the digital curve and help them solve for real world problems.

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