Breakout Speaker: Carolyn Strauss


Session Topic: Persuasion Selling

Carolyn Strauss will lead a breakout session that will help marketing teams explore their corporate culture to optimize their "Dollars Per Minute™". This results-oriented cultural shift doesn't require taking creative people and changing them in any way. It starts by defining the results you want to achieve and building a plan to get them. Issues such as poorly defined audiences, the wrong programs, the wrong activities, or bad offers plague marketing teams. In this session Carolyn will provide the tools needed to begin the culture shift and start planning for sales, not just marketing.


About Carolyn Strauss

Carolyn Strauss is a sales and persuasion expert who spent 18 years on-camera on the Home Shopping Network where she personally sold over $160 Million of her clothing line The Carolyn Strauss Collection, CSC Studio™ even selling $1Million in one day. It is here where she developed her “Dollars Per Minute™” strategy to train sales and marketing people across all industries. 
In addition to thousands of appearances on HSN, Carolyn has been featured on PBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, Food Network, and Lifetime Television Network.

Carolyn is a Certified Speaking Professional, CSP who works with organizations to optimize each team member’s time, attention and relationships to get the most DPM’S (Dollars Per Minute™) from every work in action.