Breakout Speaker: Jana Shortal


MIMA Presents: Elizabeth Nyamayaro & Jana Shortal

Everything from crowdfunding a small non-profit to starting a revolution can be done online and scaled to a community you never knew existed. While there are still questions of an algorithmic bubble that insulates us within our own values and ideals, we are literally only a click away from seeing the other side. But what happens after you click, like, or share? When does a social movement become policy and drive systemic change? Elizabeth Nyamayaro of United Nations Women shares her journey building a global coalition of male advocates for female empowerment. Moderated by KARE 11 news anchor Jana Shortal, MIMA + MPLS MadWomen Present: Using Social Platforms To Make An Actual Difference will explore the new age of social activism and what we can do to engage more communities, turning clicks into action.

A strong advocate for women’s rights and economic empowerment, Ms. Nyamayaro has worked at the forefront of Africa’s development agenda for more than a decade in both the public and private sector, and previously held positions with UNAIDS, World Health Organization and the World Bank.


About Jana Shortal

A full bakers dozen.  That’s how many years Jana has worked as a reporter for KARE 11 news here in Minneapolis – it is also the same amount of time she has spent wondering if she could ever really be that much needed addition to the now defunct Destiny’s Child.   But she’s for sure gonna name her first child, Destiny, just to get remotely close to that brand.

Other tidbits.  She is from a town you’ve never heard of but it’s a 40 minute drive from St. Louis.  She once sold her ten year anniversary gift from KARE 11 to an ex so she could buy a pair of Air Jordan’s.  And her dog is named Vivian Ward. And yes, that Vivian Ward.  She and Vivan heart Minneapolis so hard they sometimes cry about it when they take their morning poop walk.

Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth Nyamayaro
Global Head of the HeForShe Initiative