Breakout Speaker: Josh Braaten

Breakout Session: Page-Speed:  The Last Mile of Effective SEO

Both Google and Facebook have said that page load speed plays an important role, and will be be an increasing influence, in search results rankings and news feed priority.  As marketers we work incredibly hard to gain loyal, happy customers. And then we work even harder to encourage that customer to be an advocate and introduce us to their network.  We are spending an ever-increasing amount of time and money in social strategies and marketing efforts. Don’t let something like your page load speed prevent other people from ever seeing that hard-earned “like” or “share.”

This session is for everyone from beginners to experts, backend developers to social media strategists.  Come prepared to ask questions, interact, and take home 2 things you can do immediately to improve your Google and Facebook exposure.


About Josh Braaten

Josh Braaten has developed an almost paradoxical love for both the technical and creative sides of marketing. As a technical marketer, he's led digital marketing teams at brand and agencies alike in innovative areas such as conversion rate optimization, web analytics and performance marketing. As a brand and inbound marketer, Josh has developed award-winning and crowd-pleasing content strategies in industries ranging from education to SaaS. In his spare time, he volunteers on the board of and spends a lot of time in his kitchen cooking next to his wife, Emily (most likely with his dog, Gertrude, underfoot).



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