Breakout Speaker: Lori Davis

Session Topic: State of Digital Marketing in Minnesota: 2017 and Beyond

There are hundreds of tools, technologies and resources for digital marketers. But platforms are meaningless if a seamless personal experience for consumers cannot be crafted, implemented and tracked. After several hundred survey responses and one-on-one interviews, MIMA learned about how today’s local marketers are making sense of this tangled web of marketing tools, trends and technology. Earlier this year, we release our findings in the report How Minnesota Marketers Are Rethinking the Ideal Consumer Journey. To continue the conversation about what’s on the minds of modern marketers in Minnesota, Craig Pladson of GoKart Labs will be moderating a panel that includes a handful of people we interviewed in the report.

During our panel, we’ll discuss the key challenges marketing leaders are facing, how they’re using data to personalize experiences, their approaches to content creation and how they’re empowering and enabling their teams to drive digital marketing innovation. We’ll end our discussion talking about the actions marketers can immediately take to make a positive difference in how they leverage digital to grow their businesses and brands. 

About Lori Davis

With over twenty years of experience, Lori Davis has made it her mission to help teams get to better ideas faster. Whether that involved managing the highly disruptive T-Mobile business at Publicis Seattle, leading the $600MM global Licensed Business Unit of Activision Publishing, contributing to the phenomenal growth of digital agency Space 150, or utilizing her strategic and creative abilities to contribute to the success of an array of clients – including Burger King, Microsoft, Payless, Polaroid, General Mills, Coca-Cola and Xbox – her relentless pursuit of original ideas has resulted in five Effie winning campaigns. Named one of the 2007 “25 Women to Watch” by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Lori spends her free time mentoring the next generation of creative leaders.

The Panel:

Brendon Schrader, Chief Executive Officer, Antenna

Mitch Hawes, Digital Marketing Specialist, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Katherine Guarino, Digital Marketing Communications Planner, General Mills

Lori Davis, President, Martin Williams

Moderated by Craig Pladson, Marketing Director, GoKart Labs

Mitch Hawes
Digital Marketing Specialist, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Craig Pladson Marketing Director, GoKart Labs

Katherine Guarino Digital Marketing Communications Planner, General Mills

Brendon Shrader CEO, Antenna