Breakout Speaker: Scott Litman


Minneapolis has long been a nationally respected hub of creative advertising agencies and marketing services, and now a new wave of innovative mar tech and ad tech startups are emerging right here in our backyard ready to reshape our industry and redefine our credentials. With big brands already beginning to shift chunks of spending from agencies to startups, we’ll meet a few of Minnesota’s hottest new companies playing in this space, including:

Equals 3 - Co-founder and serial mar tech entrepreneur Scott Litman (formerly co-founder of Imaginet and Magnet 360) will share how they’ve turned IBM’s Watson technology into Lucy, a tireless marketing A.I. who can compress months of sophisticated market research, complicated audience establishment, and media planning into a single day.  

Leadpages - Co-founder and Board Chairman Clay Collins will explain how he built his humble blog into a seven-figure company that’s now the industry-leading landing page creator offering a wide array of accompanying lead generation and opt-in tools, all driven by a vast collection of conversion data.

Vugo - Co-founder and CEO Rob Flessner will show how the ride-sharing revolution enabled them to build their Mobility Media platform, which places digital media and entertainment in for-hire vehicles (like Uber and Lyft cars)  and applies real contextual data about each trip to deliver the most engaging and interactive experience possible for passengers.   

And with BBDO Minneapolis’ VP Creative Director Tim Brunelle joining the discussion, we’ll explore opportunities for agencies to get in on the startup action, both by co-developing relationships between clients and startups and also by identifying smart entrepreneurial opportunities from within.

Moderated by Marty Wetherall, Director of Innovation at Fallon and creator of Fallon StarterKit, offering crowdfunding campaign building services for promising projects with a shared-success model. 

And presented in partnership with Twin Cities Startup Week, happening October 9-15 (the same week as the MIMA Summit) to bring all of the area’s top startup events, entrepreneurs, investors, hackers, and makers together for seven days in the spotlight.

There’s also a FREE event presented by MIMA on the Startup Week schedule Wednesday, October 11 (the day before the MIMA Summit) featuring brand lessons from tech startups, for all startups.  

Come learn what the area’s most interesting mar tech and ad tech startups are doing, how it’s different, and what it could mean for your business.


Clay Collins

Co-Founder & Board Chairman, Leadpages

Rob Flessner

Co-Founder and CEO, Vugo

Tim Brunelle

VP Creative Director, BBDO

MODERATOR: Marty Wetherall

Director of Innovation, Fallon